Teal is Personal


cropped-cropped-545211_496686817091292_1798533139_n.jpgI cannot remember how old I was exactly when I started going to doctors appointments with my Mom and Grandma, I knew something wasn’t quite right because up to then they didn’t really have the worlds greatest relationship. I remember though, that they told me my Grandmother had Ovarian Cancer. I would accompany her to chemo treatments and it didn’t hit me the seriousness of her condition until she began to lose her hair and weight. She fought long and hard until she was just too tired to. She quit doing chemo and it seems like only yesterday they were putting a hospital bed in her house and teaching all of the my aunts how to do her shots and IVs. You know , I wish I could say that she went into full remission and made a miraculous recovery but she didn’t. We lost my Grandma to cancer when I was 14. 

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