Mischievous Mondays over at Southern Mess Moms


I have this collection of boxes to put buttons, needles and various other crafting supplies in. Well, my very curious two year old got one of the empty ones and the fun began.

First it was a purse then a hat. Next, it became a podium for a singing act.

I went to go lay the baby down for a nap and I hear screaming. “Mommy I’m stuck!!!”

I run to the kitchen, totally freaked out and I find this…


They had busted the bottom out of the box and decided it was a necklace. Poor guy had to wait until Daddy got home because I only had child safety scissors and they would not cut through the thick cardboard. He only had to wait ten minutes for my husband but my ten year old took total advantage of this and called him “birdbath” the entire time.


Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop- July 9th 2013



Today I would normally do “Tell It All Tuesday” but I thought a recipe exchange blog hop would be fun! Post a link in the comments to a recipe on your blog. Meet new friends, learn to make new treats/meals, gain new readers and have fun!

*Lemonade Salad*

-2 packages RITZ or Townhouse crackers
-1 tub Cool Whip topping
-1 can frozen lemonade

You’re going to need to defrost your lemonade til it is a watery consistency and mix it with half of your Cool Whip.

Now this is the part my kids love, put the two packages of crackers in a large zip bag. I usually give each of my kids their own bag of crackers to cruch up.

In the meantime I melt some butter for the crust, now you want just enough to moisten the crackers. When the kids are all done smooshing crackers take half for the crust. Mix your butter and cracker crumbs until the crackers are moist. Then smash them down into the bottom of your pan ( I use a 9*13 pan, you may need more or less depending on your pan size). When you are done constructing your crust, pour the lemonade mixture into your pan and stick into the freezer until it’s hard enough for you to spread the remainder of the Cool Whip on top. Once you’ve topped it with the Cool Whip you are going to use the remaining half of your crunched up crackers to sprinkle on top.

Stick it back in the freezer for about an hour and serve cold. It is so unbelievably refreshing on a hot, dry summer day.

I don’t have a button for this hop but feel free to share the image.