What’s Cooking Wednesday- Easy Cream Cheese Danish



I recently seen a friend share this on Facebook and thought it’d be a good after lunch treat.

I only used one can of crescent rolls because I didn’t want to make that much.


2 cans crescent rolls
2- 8 oz pkgs of cream cheese
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 egg white

1/2 cup powdered sugar
2 Tbsp milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Preset the oven to 350· and grease a 13*9 pan. Lay crescent rolls in the pan and pinch openings together. Beat the cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and egg until it is smooth.


Spread the mixture over rolls and place the second pack over mix and brush tops with egg whites.


Bake 35-45 minutes. Top with glaze after cooling 20 minutes.

These were absolutely delicious! One of these with a glass of almond milk= heaven!


Ah-mazing Milk!


Breastfeeding and breastmilk are an extraordinary resource for both Moms and babies that I think is often times over looked.

Before you baby is born your body begins to produce Colostrum. Colostrum is the thick, yellow first milk you will have just after giving birth. Your breasts only produce a small amount of this milk but it is the exact right amount that your newborns little tummy can hold.

The other amazing thing about your breastmilk is that it changes with your babies needs. About three to five days in your milk matures and has just the right amount of fat, sugar, water and protein that your little one requires.

Breastmilk is also easier for your baby’s tummy to digest and can help his or her system fight many diseases.

Moms benefit from Breastfeeding as well! Not only does it allow you to bond with your baby, it gives new mom’s that chance they need to get some peaceful, quiet time. Other benefits for moms include:

  • It saves money, as your not buying as many bottles and/or formula.
  • The skin to skin boosts oxytocin.
  • Linked to lower risks of Type 2 Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and Post Partum Depression.

Now Breastfeeding is not always going to be sunshine and rainbows, many times there are complications. Tomorrow we’ll cover common complications, proper latching and different holds.




Mom On The Move- Cherokee


This week’s Momma is Cherokee Arndt. First and foremost she is a Mom and Military Wife. In addition to those two very important roles she is a personal trainer, is certified in Basic Nutrition and is an Independent ‘It Works’ consultant. She says that she truly enjoys what she does because she is helping others change their lives, whether it is because they bought items from her or they joined her team and gained financial independence. She got her start when a complete stranger befriended her on Facebook her curiosity got the best of her and she asked for more information. Her, now, sponsor explained what “It Works!” was all about, sent her samples of the “Greens” and the rest is history.

As she explain it all to me, I couldn’t believe just how easy it was to progress in this company and make money.

As a personal trainer I was always looking for a product to enhance my clients results. Since than I have created a AMAZING team and fallen in love with every product!

As I stated earlier, Cherokee is a military wife. She has been married to her husband for five yearsvabd they have done quite a bit of traveling with the Air Force. Right now they are in the middle of a one year separation but have set a goal of buying a home at their next duty station.

It Works! is going to be the reason I get the house I want. I am so excited to see where it takes me.

I’m excited for her as well! Home ownership is a wonderful thing and finding a career that you not only love but also gives you the financial security to meet goals you’ve set is a great thing as well.

Are you looking to change your life? perhaps you’re just curious to find out more? Stop by her Facebook Page, say hi, ask questions and learn more! Also check out her website and see if what she has to offer is for you!


The Paid Survey Christmas Project



I have seen multiple times on Facebook, other page owners state that they have used paid survey sites to pay for Christmas with little to no out of pocket cost. I wanted to test how legitimate this claim is so I joined Opinion Outpost and Swagbucks . Now through October of next year I’ll actively interact with these websites and keep y’all up to date with my earnings.


Manic Minute Challenge- July 30th 2013


Today’s challenge is push ups. Set your timer and get on the ground, place your hands directly under your shoulders and make sure your hips are in line with your back—no hiking or sagging. Slowly lower yourself to the ground. Your chest should touch the ground. If you can’t get your chest to the ground, drop to your knees.

*Disclosure: I am not a medical professional and am not responsible for any injury that may occur from your participation. Only do what you can, if your body is telling you to stop please do so.*

It Works! Product Review



Our newest Mom on the Move Cherokee sent me a body applicator and two samples of the Greens on the Go. I was really excited to try this product because even though I work hard to
lose weight and get back into shape, after four babies you can bet I have loose skin on my belly.

I started with the body applicator, making sure to follow the directions to a T.

When I opened the packaging for the applicator I could immediately smell the eucalyptus. It was not too strong or overwhelming but the smell kind of gave you that “I’m being pampered” feeling. I also noticed about 5 minutes in I noticed a cooling sensation and about 20 minutes in the sensation became almost uncomfortable but mind you, I have sensitive skin. The instructions stated to use form fitting clothing or plastic wrap to hold the applicator in place. I opted for plastic wrap.

At the 45 minute mark, I removed the wrap and rubbed in the excess lotion. At first I didn’t notice a big difference until I went in the restroom with better lighting. I noticed the strechmarks on my belly seemed less prominent and the skin was so incredibly moisturized. The next day and even after a shower the skin remained toned and soft. I would love to continue wrapping and what makes it worth while is their customer loyalty program they offer.

Next I tried the “Greens on the Go”. I was a little off put by the green color of the drink but once I took that first sip I loved it! It comes in a small packet that you put into 8 ounces of water. This small packet though contains 8+ serving of fruits and vegetables in every serving and contains over 38 super foods in each. As a plus the ingredients are all natural. I had the berry flavor and it was very tasty and sweet.

Interested? Visit her website at here, read her story, look around and see if this could be for you!


Think About It Thursday-Baby’s First Dental Appointment and Tooth Care

Adult and "Baby" teeth diagram. Note...

Adult and “Baby” teeth diagram. Note the non-standard Dental notation (numbering) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My little guy has four teeth as of yet and is working on his fifth. Recently my oldest three had dentist appointments and when trying to schedule my youngest, I was told they didn’t see them that young. This got me to thinking that even if your local dentist doesn’t see children younger than two, dental care is very important for little ones.

In this installment of “Think About It Thursday” I’ll go over first teeth, cleaning and care and also a few tips to keep baby’s teeth healthy.

Underneath your baby’s gums are 20 primary teeth and taking good care of them AND the gums are so important to help the 32 permanent teeth he/she will have after those little ones fall out.

The time period that your baby’s first teeth will emerge varies from baby to baby but are average anytime from 6 to 12 months. And babys first dentist trip should be at least six months after the first tooth erupts.

Brushing (even before those sharp little teeth break out) is important and our should wipe the gums after each feeding. You can use a soft, wet washcloth or a finger brush with a pea sized drop of swallow safe toothpaste.It is recommended that you use swallow safe toothpaste until your child is 2-3 years of age an then you can introduce fluoride.

I’m sure we’ve all heard it a thousand times that putting your little ones to bed with a sippy or bottle is the number one cause of tooth decay, well it’s true! And I know that these teeth are going to fall out eventually but taking care of your LOs primary teeth are vital to the health of those previously mentioned permanent teeth. Also the type of nipple you are using can have an effect on your baby’s jaw growth, swallowing patterns and development of muscles.

Here are some helpful tips for caring for those precious gums and teeth:

  • Use a pacifier between meals or at a night instead of a bottle or sippy
  • If you can avoid sugary drinks or limit them at least. I know as a parent this one can be hard, if you can’t avoid them and don’t have your child’s toothbrush available just have them rinse their mouth out with a little bit of water.
  • Also, one should never brush their teeth after ingesting anything with an acidic base, or even vomiting. Your teeth go through an acid attack for twenty minutes after being exposed, and toothpaste acts as an abrasive and can damage enamel more so. Rinsing with water is recommended, and also ingesting soda or acidic beverages as quickly as possible.
  • Make sure your LO is getting enough calcium to ensure that they have healthy gums and healthy jaw bones.

The color of your little ones teeth can tell you a lot about what is going on in his/her mouth. The normal color of baby teeth is an ivory to an off white color. Any discoloration could be from a number of reasons including:

  • inadequate brushing
  • medication
  • injury: which leaves the teeth a pink or greyish color.
  • too much flouride: white spots or streaks on the teeth
  • jaundice: leaving a green tint
  • weak enamel
  • serious illness such as a newborn infection, newborn hepatitis or certain kinds of heart disease.

I don’t know how many times I have seen little kids with silver teeth and I know that there are some situations that are just absolutely unavoidable, but there are also those times where there is an obvious lack of hygiene. Educating parents is the first step in teaching children proper dental care and hopefully in this post you’ve learned something new. I know I did.



Also information in this post was discussed with: Andrea Rathke Lead EDDA, CDA


What’s Cooking Wednesday- Tres Leches Cake



I haven’t had a ‘Tres Leches Cake’ for years! I decided to ask a family member for the recipe so I can make my own. Wednesdays in my house are Pizza Wednesday and the Hubby and I’s (is that a word? I’s?? Hmm..) cheat day. So of course, I made it! Not really clear if this is an old family recipe or one my had found but here it is.



1c flour

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

5 eggs; separated

1 c sugar; divided

1 tsp vanilla bean paste (I used plain vanilla extract)

1/3 c milk

1- 12oz can evaporated milk

1- 14oz can sweetened condensed milk

1/4 c heavy cream

1 pint heavy cream

3 Tbsp sugar

First preheat your oven to 350*, then spray a 9*13 pan with cooking spray. 


Next you are going to combine your flour, baking powder and salt in a large bowl and set aside. Divide your eggs into two separate bowls.


Beat the egg yolks with 3/4c of the sugar until the yolks are a pale yellow color. Stir in milk and the vanilla. 



Pour the egg mixture over the flour mixture and mix gently. Then you are going to beat your egg whites until you start seeing soft peaks began to form. With your mixer still on, you are going to add the remaining sugar. Beat until the egg whites are stiff but not dry. 



Gently fold egg whites into the flour mixture until well combined. Pour into your prepared pan and spread evenly. Bake for 35-45 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool on wire rack for 15 minutes. 



While that is cooling you will mix your condensed milk, evaporated milk and 1/4 cup of the heavy cream in a small pitcher. 


Pierce cake with a fork several times then drizzle the milk mixture over the cake. Allow the cake to absorb over night in the fridge. *Make sure to cover the cake while it is in the fridge*




Whip 1 pint of the heavy cream with 3Tbsp of sugar until thick. Using a chilled bowl; whisk two minutes. Spread on top of cake, cut and serve.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the icing part, Sorry.



As with all things, not everyone is going to enjoy it. When we ate this, only me, my five year old and my one year old liked it. My husband and ten year old said that they really liked the frosting but the cake itself was hard to eat. The wet, “soggy” texture was too much. O’well, así es la vida!

Manic Minute Challenge- July 22nd 2013


Today is our first ever Manic Minute Challenge! I really hope each if you will take the minute and do something to help make your body stronger and yourself happier and healthier. Now I must disclose that I am not a medical professional and am not responsible for any injury that may occur from your participation. Only do what you can, if your body is telling you to stop please do so.

Today’s Challenge: Squats



Do as many squats as you can in one minute and comment with your number. I find its easier if I set an alarm so I can better focus on my form and my counting.


Mom on the Move- Tiffany



This weeks Mom on the Move is Tiffany Donley and she is the owner of Tiffany’s LaBella Baskets. What is that? What Tiffany does is provide unique gifts for customers who are looking to send gifts for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, anniversaries, babyshowers, graduations, condolences, get well, Christmas, and more!

She has it all, from fresh flowers, cookie bouquets, candles, and gift baskets for him, her, teen, and kids! She’ll keep up with your dates and even remind you about those important dates so gifts will arrive on time. She actually becomes your Personal Gift Consultant when you don’t have time to make the purchases, but need something sent right away.

It’s quite the deal she has going on and is so customizable! You tell her what you need, what you are looking for, what kind of person you’re shopping for and she’ll put together a presentation and send it over to you for your approval. After you make your selection she’ll even go and make the purchase for you and have it shipped out!

Tiffany became a gift consultant for Labella Baskets in May 2013 when she came across a Craigslist Ad while searching for a work from home JOB.

You can tell she is so passionate about what she does just in the way she talks about it.

“I believed that it was still possible to be able to obtain and have the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. What are these TWO WORLDS, at least for ME?

Being able to PROVIDE for your FAMILY, while yet
Being able to BE THERE for your FAMILY at the same time! Some would call this WISHFUL thinking. Some would say wake up and STOP DREAMING. I would say then, MY WISH is MY EVERY COMMAND, AND if this is a DREAM, I will NOT STOP until MY DREAM BECOMES A REALITY!

Although, circumstances and trials will come to shake our FAITH, we must be even more DETERMINED not to be MOVED by what we see, what people are saying, or the overwhelming feelings of DOUBT & FEAR that will come to try and OVERTAKE US! PATIENCE is the key and indeed a virtue that we all should POSSESS & DESIRE! I had not worked outside of the home since 2007, and before then it was still OFF and ON as the kids kept coming! Did I want to work? Yes, and it sure would have been nice to have an extra income coming into the house besides my husband. Did we NEED the extra flow? Definitely, yes, but I was not willing to SACRIFICE my FAMILY in the process!

However, after realizing that the ideas, outsourcing, and creative works that I was doing from home was not going to cut it FINANCIALLY, I begin to search extensively for other options because I KNEW within myself that if there was A WILL, THERE HAD TO BE A ANOTHER WAY! They caused my “EYES TO OPEN” and to take a “SECOND LOOK”! They didn’t just want to OFFER me EMPLOYMENT, they said Tiffany, we want to offer you so MUCH MORE, your OWN BUSINESS…..And with that said, I HAPPILY ACCEPTED, as it was an OFFER THAT I COULD NOT REFUSE! LaBella Baskets AFFORDED ME THAT WAY!”

It is always so inspiring for me to find a WAHM who was able to not only find a satisfying career she can do from home but that she found one that allows her to succeed!

Have a gift-worthy event coming up or in becoming a gift consultant? Take a peek at her website and also stop by her Facebook page and be sure to give her a like and say hi! You can also call her at (904) 274-1837.