Shine, Shine, Go Away!!!


5ed19fc65b990124d5f027764fdf8295I recently received my Paradise Vox Box from Influenster and absolutely have fallen in love with the Olay Fresh Effects facial cleanser that was sent to me to try. I have naturally oily skin and since using this product for the past two weeks my skin is less shiny, oily and has dramatically cleared up.


I also love the way it smells and how it feels on my skin. Also, I have to add that it doesn’t leave my face feeling dried out like other cleansers that I have tried. I can’t recommend this product enough if you have oily skin. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! If you would like to find out how you can join Influenster, feel free to email me and I will send you an invitation.

Shop and Make a Difference!


cropped-cropped-545211_496686817091292_1798533139_n.jpgThere are a lot of different ways you can support the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. There are many online shops that donate a percentage of sales to the OCNA.

You can visit Belabumbum, Bravelets, Causekeepers and the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

All of these shops have beautiful items that help spread awareness. Check em out!!


August Citrus Lane Review



Today my little man received his Citrus Lane box in the mail. I’m absolutely  in love with all of the great items in this months box.  If you have never gotten a Citrus Lane box, here’s the deal in a nut shell. You get a box with about six items for your child all personalized to his/her age. Boxes range in price depending on which subscription package you choose.

  • Monthly subscriptions are $25.00/box with free shipping
  • A 3-month subscription also $25.00/box
  • A 6-month subscription is $21.00/box and noted on their website to be the best value
  • And you can also get a one year subscription for $21.00/box as well. 


Any of the subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime. Also when you refer a friend and they join through your link, they get $10.00 off of their first box and you get $10.00 as well.

This month in our box we received


Octopus Opposites from Barefoot Books

5″ Playground Ball from Crocodile Creek

Mighty Shield Bug Repellent Lotion from Episencial

Adhesive Bandages from Ouchies Jr

All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes from CleanWell

and a Free Trial Offer from FabKids!!!



Check it out for yourself here!



Moms On The Move- Amanda and Caitlin


This weeks Mom On The Move post is actually a duo. Their names are Amanda Kludt and Caitlin Zapf and they are the owners of BumBums & Baubles. These two ladies have been best friends since high school and business partners since 2010. Amanda went to college in Sacramento, where they grew up and afterwards had a successful career in Sales and Marketing.  Caitlin describes her as the kind of person who could sell ice to eskimos. Caitlin moved to San Diego to attend college then moved on to law school later becoming a successful litigator but soon realized that her true passion was to become an entrepreneur.
Although the two had been physically separated by career choices they remained close. Caitlin says that four years ago Amanda came to her with an idea to make kids’ shoes with interchangeable accessories. She says that initially she just helped her set up a corporation, but soon became as obsessed as she was with the idea and they partnered up. They spent a lot of time experimenting extensively to design an accessory that was easy to attach, yet would remain secure once on, and that didn’t have exposed snaps or Velcro when the shoe was worn plain. This versatility was a huge challenge, but also what sets them apart from other brands in the market.

So what exactly is it that BumBums & Baubles creates? They make adorable girls shoes that are fun and have interchangeable accessories. They carry toddler sizes 8-13 and girl sizes 1-3.

When asked how they got their start, they responded with the following


This is a loaded question! We started with merely an idea and a desire to make it happen. We had a lot of obstacles – no background in footwear or design, and very demanding full-time jobs. We spent our evenings and weekends experimenting, making connections and learning about the industry. There was a lot of trial and even more error, but we were determined, so we kept going! Luckily, both of our husbands were (and are) supportive and ended up spending much of their free time working on our dream company as well! We found a factory that could produce high-quality shoes to our specifications and “baubles” (our interchangeable shoe accessories). With a lot of blood, sweat, tears (and money) invested, we finally launched our brand at the end of 2012! We both quit our “day jobs” and work full-time (plus nights and weekends) for Bumbums & Baubles. Since launching, we’ve made a lot of changes – we moved our production from China to Mexico so we could have more control over development and production, improved the attachment mechanism and developed new baubles that girls love even more. We are extremely excited for our back-to-school line coming out in less than two weeks! We’ve got six new Mary Jane options, two new boots and tons of new bauble designs for girls to choose from. We sell our shoes online at and are being carried in about 20 retail locations throughout the country so far…

I’ve been frequenting their website and plan on purchasing some shoes for my daughter. Please take some time to visit their website and their Facebook page, check out their (really super cute) shoes and tell them hi!!!


Totsy is now Modnique?? O’well Got a Coupon Out Of It!


Ok I received a coupon in my email for $20 off my purchase (no minimum- score!!!). So of course I scurried over to use it. 

I scored that adorable Hello Kitty watch for $10.99!!!! Yup that cute little thing up there! Not really sure why I received the discount but I figured if they send out random coupons to their customers, it’s worth passing on. So sign up and take a peek at their sales here.