Think About It Thursday- Spicing Things Up (and I’m Not Talking About In The Kitchen!)


I have been with my husband for ten years (married for almost four). Now with four little ones you can bet it’s hard to truly have an intimate moment and to focus on our sex lives not to mention to find the time or energy.

In this edition of “Think About It Thursday” we’ll cover ways to spice things up, fun date night ideas and some fun resources you can use.

This first part is by far easier said than done. Make your relationship with your spouse TOP PRIORITY!  My worst fear in my marriage is that I’ll have put so much energy into my children that when they grow up and move out, my husband and I will look at one another and realize we don’t know the person standing in front of us. Not to mention a happy marriage means happy parents and happy parents means happy kids.

Also make time to make yourself feel good. A long bath, trip to the hair salon or for you men a clean shave at the barbers. If you don’t make time to make yourself feel good, you’re going to be less likely to be enthusiastic about making your spouse feel good.

Stroke his….ego (c’mon people, clean it up)! Give your significant other a compliment, small token of appreciation or even a simple thank you can go a long way. Now fellas this goes for you two, especially if your wife is at home all day with the kids, let her know that you see and appreciate all that she does.

Allow yourself to be in the mood. I understand that bad days happen, we all have outside issues that stress us out. Let all of that negativity slip into the background for a while and truly be in the moment with your spouse.

Continue to flirt with each other. A glance across the room or a saucy text, flirt like your still courting the other person.

All of the above mentioned are great ways to “connect” and liven things up in your relationship. Some other great ways include:

  • Unplug, leave the phone and computers alone.
  • Say ‘I love you’ often
  • Work out together
  • Schedule date nights (even if it is at home)

English: A young woman and man embracing while...

Now date nights are something my husband and I *RARELY* get but when we do, we have some ground rules. Kid talk is kept to an absolute minimum and we “unplug”. That time is meant for us to be together and enjoy each others company. I’ve scoured the internet for some fun and unique date night ideas. Some that I’ve found are:

  • Hiking
  • Roller skating
  • Bowling
  • Farmers Market
  • County Fairs
  • Amateur Comedy Shows (laughing is a great aphrodisiac)
  • Dance Classes
  • Cooking Classes

Dates can be spent indoors as well. Turn your bathroom into a spa complete with candlelight, music and good smells or turn your living room into a themed movie room (after the kids are asleep of course). No kids but don’t want to really go out? Spend some time cooking a new meal together. These are just few for you to start off with. There is an awesome website I found called The Date Night Jar with tons of different and unique date ideas.

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