What’s Cooking Wednesday- Flat Apple Pie (Cheater Style)


Ok I’m not proud of cheating but who has time to make dessert from scratch in a minutes notice? I recently seen an episode of The Pioneer Woman where she makes her family Flat Apple Pie and boy did it look delicious.

Well in the midst of cooking dinner I got the biggest craving for some so I used what I had.


Pillsbury Premade Pie Crusts
Premium Apple Pie Filling

The how to:


Take your pie crust and unroll them.


Put desired amount of pie filling in the middle then fold in ends. Bake at 400· for 35 minutes.

These were so good that I completely spaced out taking pictured before we chowed down!!! We ate these warm with vanilla ice cream and it was a huge hit. I have a feeling I’ll be making this often. ♡♥♡