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A Dream of A Dream…


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I have been thinking about and researching school so much lately that now I’m dreaming about it! I hate that it just feels like I’ll never be able to get to that point. Money is tight right now and we have a lot in the works as far as family affairs go, so school will be put off until after taxes BUT it’s official. I’ve made up my mind and am going to be going to school to become a Breastfeeding Specialist! I’m so excited, breastfeeding is something I am so passionate about and that I love advocating for. What also makes my heart so unbelievably happy about this is that I have my husbands 100% support in my decision. I feel bad for saying this but being a SAHM was never really my dream. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE my babies, but being able to monetarily help my family out makes me feel better. Seeing my husband work as hard as he does and be in physical pain kills me, being able to take some of that stress and responsibility from him makes me so happy. Perhaps I’m being a little selfish…