Public Relations



Mom on the Move Mondays:
If you are a WAHM and would like to be featured on the blog please email the following information to me at

  • Name: 
  • Business Name: 
  • Facebook URL:
  • Website:
  • What do you do:
  • How did your business get started:
  • A little about yourself(# of kids, favorite downtime etc):
  • (optional) Would you be willing to sponsor a giveaway and/or provide a product for review:

Please be as detailed as you would like when you answer the above questions, it is what I use to write the post about you and your business. Also if you would include pictures of yourself and/or your product or business logo.

If you are not a mom but would like to be featured, I would be more than happy to do product reviews and/or giveaways for your product(s). Email me the same information as above. All reviews of items will be my honest opinion, whether it is a Mom on the Move post or a product review I will send you a draft for your approval before posting. Please note, any product sent to me for review will be kept.


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