Mom On The Move- Mandy


1003468_152146638307321_1269912263_nWow! This week’s Mom on the Move is one busy lady!!! Mandy Richardson is owner of M is for Monster and also When & Where Invitations but that isn’t it, she is also a mom to four kiddos, ages 13,4,2 and 5 months!  What she does is completely and totally awesome!!! She creates weekly learning activities, gathers everything needed to complete them and sends that great box of awesomeness straight to your door! She provides you the extra time and resources to spend some one on one time with your little one doing educational, fun learning activites.

How did she come up with this insanely genius idea?

I started M is for Monster one day while sitting on my couch. I was googling and pinteresting it up, trying to find fun and educational activities for my kids. Two hours later, I finally had the list of what we were going to be accomplishing that week. Then, like every week before, I had to go shopping for the supplies. I heaved a heavy sigh, and stood up to make my list. “I can not believe no one has come up with a better idea than this!” I thought to myself. So I searched around to see if I could just order the learning activities and supplies instead of having to spend so much of my time planning and prepping. I found nothing. It then occurred to me that if I dreaded doing this every week, other parents out there probably do as well. So it was then and there that I decided to cross one more thing off of parents list and create boxed learning activities delivered right to your door. No more searching and planning and shopping for everything you want to do! Just order an M is for Monster box and you’ll be ready to have fun with your little one while teaching them in the process!

She really has her hands full with her family life and two businesses so I had to know what she likes to do in her down time!?! She says

Down time? What’s that?!

What makes this Momma even more awesome is that she is giving a one month subscription to one lucky reader!!!! In order to win you must

*Be a follower of the blog
*Be a fan of M is for Monster
*Follow M is for Monster via Twitter
*Be a fan of my Facebook page
*Follow me on Twitter

then comment below what items you completed and the age and grade(if any) your little one is in. Each completed task is worth an entry, winner will be announced on Friday.

In the mean time, stop by Mandy’s Facebook, website and/or Twitter and tell her thank you for the awesome opportunity!

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