Mom On The Move- Cherokee


This week’s Momma is Cherokee Arndt. First and foremost she is a Mom and Military Wife. In addition to those two very important roles she is a personal trainer, is certified in Basic Nutrition and is an Independent ‘It Works’ consultant. She says that she truly enjoys what she does because she is helping others change their lives, whether it is because they bought items from her or they joined her team and gained financial independence. She got her start when a complete stranger befriended her on Facebook her curiosity got the best of her and she asked for more information. Her, now, sponsor explained what “It Works!” was all about, sent her samples of the “Greens” and the rest is history.

As she explain it all to me, I couldn’t believe just how easy it was to progress in this company and make money.

As a personal trainer I was always looking for a product to enhance my clients results. Since than I have created a AMAZING team and fallen in love with every product!

As I stated earlier, Cherokee is a military wife. She has been married to her husband for five yearsvabd they have done quite a bit of traveling with the Air Force. Right now they are in the middle of a one year separation but have set a goal of buying a home at their next duty station.

It Works! is going to be the reason I get the house I want. I am so excited to see where it takes me.

I’m excited for her as well! Home ownership is a wonderful thing and finding a career that you not only love but also gives you the financial security to meet goals you’ve set is a great thing as well.

Are you looking to change your life? perhaps you’re just curious to find out more? Stop by her Facebook Page, say hi, ask questions and learn more! Also check out her website and see if what she has to offer is for you!



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