It Works! Product Review



Our newest Mom on the Move Cherokee sent me a body applicator and two samples of the Greens on the Go. I was really excited to try this product because even though I work hard to
lose weight and get back into shape, after four babies you can bet I have loose skin on my belly.

I started with the body applicator, making sure to follow the directions to a T.

When I opened the packaging for the applicator I could immediately smell the eucalyptus. It was not too strong or overwhelming but the smell kind of gave you that “I’m being pampered” feeling. I also noticed about 5 minutes in I noticed a cooling sensation and about 20 minutes in the sensation became almost uncomfortable but mind you, I have sensitive skin. The instructions stated to use form fitting clothing or plastic wrap to hold the applicator in place. I opted for plastic wrap.

At the 45 minute mark, I removed the wrap and rubbed in the excess lotion. At first I didn’t notice a big difference until I went in the restroom with better lighting. I noticed the strechmarks on my belly seemed less prominent and the skin was so incredibly moisturized. The next day and even after a shower the skin remained toned and soft. I would love to continue wrapping and what makes it worth while is their customer loyalty program they offer.

Next I tried the “Greens on the Go”. I was a little off put by the green color of the drink but once I took that first sip I loved it! It comes in a small packet that you put into 8 ounces of water. This small packet though contains 8+ serving of fruits and vegetables in every serving and contains over 38 super foods in each. As a plus the ingredients are all natural. I had the berry flavor and it was very tasty and sweet.

Interested? Visit her website at here, read her story, look around and see if this could be for you!


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