Mom on the Move- Tiffany



This weeks Mom on the Move is Tiffany Donley and she is the owner of Tiffany’s LaBella Baskets. What is that? What Tiffany does is provide unique gifts for customers who are looking to send gifts for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, anniversaries, babyshowers, graduations, condolences, get well, Christmas, and more!

She has it all, from fresh flowers, cookie bouquets, candles, and gift baskets for him, her, teen, and kids! She’ll keep up with your dates and even remind you about those important dates so gifts will arrive on time. She actually becomes your Personal Gift Consultant when you don’t have time to make the purchases, but need something sent right away.

It’s quite the deal she has going on and is so customizable! You tell her what you need, what you are looking for, what kind of person you’re shopping for and she’ll put together a presentation and send it over to you for your approval. After you make your selection she’ll even go and make the purchase for you and have it shipped out!

Tiffany became a gift consultant for Labella Baskets in May 2013 when she came across a Craigslist Ad while searching for a work from home JOB.

You can tell she is so passionate about what she does just in the way she talks about it.

“I believed that it was still possible to be able to obtain and have the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. What are these TWO WORLDS, at least for ME?

Being able to PROVIDE for your FAMILY, while yet
Being able to BE THERE for your FAMILY at the same time! Some would call this WISHFUL thinking. Some would say wake up and STOP DREAMING. I would say then, MY WISH is MY EVERY COMMAND, AND if this is a DREAM, I will NOT STOP until MY DREAM BECOMES A REALITY!

Although, circumstances and trials will come to shake our FAITH, we must be even more DETERMINED not to be MOVED by what we see, what people are saying, or the overwhelming feelings of DOUBT & FEAR that will come to try and OVERTAKE US! PATIENCE is the key and indeed a virtue that we all should POSSESS & DESIRE! I had not worked outside of the home since 2007, and before then it was still OFF and ON as the kids kept coming! Did I want to work? Yes, and it sure would have been nice to have an extra income coming into the house besides my husband. Did we NEED the extra flow? Definitely, yes, but I was not willing to SACRIFICE my FAMILY in the process!

However, after realizing that the ideas, outsourcing, and creative works that I was doing from home was not going to cut it FINANCIALLY, I begin to search extensively for other options because I KNEW within myself that if there was A WILL, THERE HAD TO BE A ANOTHER WAY! They caused my “EYES TO OPEN” and to take a “SECOND LOOK”! They didn’t just want to OFFER me EMPLOYMENT, they said Tiffany, we want to offer you so MUCH MORE, your OWN BUSINESS…..And with that said, I HAPPILY ACCEPTED, as it was an OFFER THAT I COULD NOT REFUSE! LaBella Baskets AFFORDED ME THAT WAY!”

It is always so inspiring for me to find a WAHM who was able to not only find a satisfying career she can do from home but that she found one that allows her to succeed!

Have a gift-worthy event coming up or in becoming a gift consultant? Take a peek at her website and also stop by her Facebook page and be sure to give her a like and say hi! You can also call her at (904) 274-1837.



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