Things That Go Bump In The Night…


Ok so I’ve mentioned just recently, my husband is a farmer and we are in the middle of harvest. So…it’s 9:30pm and the kids are asleep, leaving me awake all by my lonesome. Maybe first I should explain that when I get to watch T.V. I enjoy watching real crime shows, horror movies and paranormal reality shows. So maybe I am a glutton for punishment, but here I am on the computer hearing every noise in the house and thinking


“Oh my goodness, I don’t know what that was…why are the dogs barking? what if someone is breaking into the house? Is my house haunted? Oh man, I really have to pee BUT I refuse to put my feet on the floor because the second I do a hand is going to reach out from under my bed and get me!”


Can you imagine, a grown woman of 29 years, hiding in her room like a scared little kid?? Ridiculous I know. My two oldest sons (who are out of town at the moment) would absolutely love to hear me ramble on this way. I’m the one always telling them that there is no reason to be afraid and that they are going to be just fine if they close their eyes and go to sleep. Way to be a great role model eh mom?!?


Oh yay! My husband just came home so it looks as if all of the “house robbers”, Ghosts and hands under my bed can retreat!!! Goodnight all and thanks for reading!





2 thoughts on “Things That Go Bump In The Night…

  1. Totally feel ya! This has been an especially stressful week in my household and my mind is working overtime too. Just the other night when I was standing at the sink washing dishes (because no one is cool enough to do that) I looked up and saw my reflection in the window – and then immediately thought – “It would really suck if some poltergeist looking demon lady was standing behind me when I look up again.” and then I looked up. And immediately thought, “Idiot.”…lol

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