Princess? or Great Friend?


My little girl is the definition of a princess. She loves dresses, bows, nailpolish and shopping. BUT she also loves playing in the mud, helping her Daddy outside and play fighting with her brothers. Recently while on Facebook (the root of all evil) I stumbled upon a picture that gave 10 alternative nicknames for our daughters other than princess. I, personally, call my daughter a princess. I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with referring to a little girl as a princess. Many of the women commenting on this picture stated that too many young girls grow up believing that they are entitled due to being called this. 

I came back to those statements with this:

My daughter is 2 and she has many nicknames, princess included. I see nothing wrong with it, girls don’t grow up feeling weak, entitled or better than thou solely due to nicknames. It’s how they are treated, raised and what they are taught.


Am I wrong in this statement? Do you refer to your little girls as princesses or do you think that it will give them the belief that everyone is going to treat her like a princess or that she will grow up feeling entitled? 


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