Mom on the Move- Linda


Thus weeks Momma is Linda Beach. She’s a mom four from Arkansas. Her kiddos are ages 20, 18, 11, and 6. As if she doesn’t have a full plate already, she also runs two work at home businesses (Oh yeah I said it, TWO).

The first is a fashion jewelry business called Forgiven Fashion Jewels that she started 5 years ago and she is also an Independent Designer for Origami Owl since February of this year.

Does she enjoy what she’s doing? Of course! You can tell just by the way she explains how she got started.

“Five years ago I needed to generate some money, I took $200 and found a wholesale fashion jewelry website and placed an order…I was TOTALLY just trying to make money for Christmas…It was October. I set a table up at a craft festival…IT RAINED! They moved me to the basement of this huge antique store….I paid $40 FOR the space and I had barely done $35 in sales….I was defeated….so I thought….The festival would be over at 5pm and it was 4:..something. A lady came through and started picking up Jewelry…and making a PILE! She bought nearly $500 worth of jewelry from me and told me I had great taste in Jewels and my prices were amazing. She gave me her number and told me she owned a restaurant inside an antique store right down the road. She invited me to set a table up outside her business instead of the basement I was in. I did…and the rest is history! That $200 turned into $600…that $600 turned into $1800….and 5 years later I am still going strong. I upload pics to my facebook page and the orders pour in. I live in a SMALL town so my challenge was even greater. I recently saw a product that would fit perfectly with what I was already doing, Which was Origami Owl. It has only gotten better since then, and I dont HAVE to have parties. I do facebook sales or catalog parties at the schools or the their invitation. The combination of both types of Jewelry is perfect!…With Origami Owl, I bought a $149 kit ..which had enough product in it to make back that money and then some. It is so easy because the product ABSOLUTELY sells ITSELF!. So there is no forcing it on people, or begging friends to have a party. If someone is interested I simply make up a bag with catalogs and info and give it to them, and they can choose to have it at their home or just take orders with the catalog, passed around the office. The pay is greater than most, It pays 50%-30% of your sales. Between both of the businesses I average about $700 a week…Way more around holidays. I really would love to share this info to that struggling mom trying to find something that actually pays.”

Right now she’s offering something special for my readers,  get a free charm with a Locket purchase, or $4 Charms and Free bracelet or other fashion jewelry piece from her other Business. Make sure to tell her where you seen her so you can get this awesome deal.

Go see what she has to offer or if you are interested in joining her team you can visit her Facebook page here.



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