There’s Always a Possibility


Tonight while watching “America Has Talent” I seen a man, who was openly gay. He stated that his parents told him when he was younger that they recognized and didn’t approve of his sexual orientation. His eyes watered and he said that was and still is one of the most painful things for him.

Now let me emphasize that his mom was there for him at his try out. But it is a natural human need to be accepted by our parents. I have heard of parents disowning their children because of their sexuality.

As a parent, I can’t imagine denying my child of my love and acceptance. Being a military brat and moving from place to place, adapting was just part of who I was and still am. Accepting people for who they were/are just comes natural to me.

The way I see it, ignorance and hate are just a waste of your time and energy. And who is to say that one of my children or grandchildren might be gay. How could you one day unconditionally love this small person you’ve raised then the next turn them away?

I’m not saying they are bad parents I just don’t understand. I, personally, advocate for equal rights because…well I want my kids to live in a world where they can love who they love.

Now I feel like I am just rambling and although I may lose some readers I had to get this out. Thank you for reading.



4 thoughts on “There’s Always a Possibility

  1. I saw that episode a few weeks ago. It was very sad. And he had an AMAZING voice! Can’t wait to hear him again in Vegas! Being in the business I am in, I come across people with different opinions all the time – and it often BLOWS MY MIND the way some people think…but I have to say….to each their own. I may or may not agree with people and their decisions. All I can be certain of is how I feel and how I choose to teach my children. I have learned I can’t please the world or fix all the broken bits.

    • Good point Cat. That is the main reason I quit teaching, I taught at a migrant headstart with poverty level families. I would get way too involved and get my feelings hurt.

      • Oh I can’t imagine how hard that was! I was going to be a teacher, but decided to take a break from school and have another baby. I’ll probably go back within the next year to finish my degree – but I don’t think I’ll be going to be a teacher. It Texas it isn’t “all about the children”… it’s all about the test scores and funding. 😦

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