25 Random Facts About Me


I seen this on a friends Facebook page and thought why not fill it out and share with you fine folks?

1. I have a hard time writing facts about myself.
2. I am unbelievably in love with my best friend….. SO TRUE!
3. We have been married for 3 years! Will be 4 years in November!!!! 🙂
4. We had a courthouse wedding and it was perfect.
5. I wish we could move all over.
6. I wish I could work.
7. Someday I want to go back to school and get a teaching degree.
8. I would love t swim with whales even though my hubby is terrified of them.
9. I should be cleaning right now.
10. I love hearing my babies laugh
11. I wish sometimes I could believe in religion.
12. I LOVE living in the middle of nowhere and would never ever trade it for anything.
13. The only thing I miss about the city is a good grocery store and a choice of things to do.
14. I love being outdoors
15. I wish I could fly in a plane (totally terrified):)
16. I LOVE to crochet
17. I want to visit Germany where I was born
18. I’ve never been to Disney
19. I want to own my own business someday 
20. I have extremely wonderful in-laws that I love dearly! 🙂
21. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t gotten my tubes tied then the kids start fighting
22. I want to do roller derby
23. I love to cook and bake 
24. I want to partake in the Spartan Race 
25. I get depressed often because I feel like a bad mom :/


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