To Tickle or not To Tickle??



So I was searching the net for interesting articles and came across an article in regards to tickling. The author states that tickling in some studies and shown that when adults look back at their childhoods tickling was more harmful than anything else due to the tickler not stopping when asked to.

I, personally, cannot stand to be tickled. It feels like thousands of small needles poking my skin. But I do not feel as if I had a traumatic experience with it as a child.

We tickle in my house (unless the kids don’t want to be). Read the article here and give me your thoughts in the comments.



3 thoughts on “To Tickle or not To Tickle??

  1. I actually HATE to be tickled. It is definitely because of the memories I have of it as a child. I was tickled all the time and I can remember it getting to a point where I couldn’t breathe and I would eventually just burst into tears to make them stop (because they thought I was having fun.) So a hate for being tickled began to grow. However, now it is difficult because I do tickle my children – but only for a few seconds. I love that whole-hearted belly giggle!! 🙂 But when they want to tickle me back it is difficult because I hate it so much. And often find myself grinning from ear to ear while telling them to “Stop!”. Mixed signals much?! lol.

  2. jabez7540

    I did a little exploring to see what others said about tickling. I was shocked to find that there are apparently tickle clubs, but it looks border line porno to me.

    I was tickled as a little boy, but I kind of liked it, but I do not recall much.

    I think it is not a good idea for children to be tickled by force of often. I would not want my kids trying to tickle other. Too late anyway–they are all grown up.

    The article was good. I am against tickling kids.

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