¤Tell It All Tuesday- July 2nd 2013¤



As parents we all have our “bad” moments. Moments when our nerves just can’t take it anymore and we do or say something we aren’t so proud of.

My moment happened just yesterday while at the grocery store with my kids. First let me tell you about my babies.

Damon, my oldest, is my brainiac. Always thinking and so observant (all the better for plotting). Dylon, my second oldest is my little wild man. He is constantly in motion, is crazy strong for his age and has the most determination to get his way out of any child I’ve ever met.

Dalilah is my only girl and a princess nonetheless. She knows how to get her way and how to get away with things. (btw, her and Dylon are close and partners in crime). Daydon is my youngest and the sweetest little guy you’ll ever meet.

Now back to the story, we were in the grocery store and Dylon wanted a Lunchable. I said no and that set off the snowball effect. He began repeating “please” over and over, getting louder and louder. I have been trying to ignore him when he does this sort of thing but then he began running around the store and laughing at me.

I grabbed everyone, left our basket of groceries and went home. I took the two babies and locked myself in my room and cried. I wish I could handle his behavior more effectively. Giving up was not my finest hour.

Now it is your turn, what was your moment? You can post it in the comments or email me and I can post it anonymously for you.

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